My Days of Wine

Angy Wagenknecht in 1946

Son Angus (Called "Angy") I believe commenced in 1946 from Doug Ireland's comment and when I started in 1951 he was a distiller. Left Berri and joined
Alec Kelly at Loxton in 1954. Angy was always playing jokes and acted the clown. His sister Norma and her husband slept one Saturday night in the tray of the utility. Angy sneaked out early on Sunday morning and took the utility for a drive around the Monash township with the couple still in the tray.

Wagenknecht Park

Angy was always a busy person and the building skills learned from his father saw him build a home using the Kondecker mould system at Loxton and then building his mother a home in the rear of Angy and Joan's home in Adelaide Plaque wording for the Gus Wagenknecht Park at Currumbin "This Park has been named to honour Mr. Gus Wagenknecht Groundsman-Gardener responsible for the initial layout and beautification of the Currumbin State School Grounds and one of those who suggested the development of this Park, previously a tidal flat.

He was a dedicated civic minded citizen who spared no effort in supporting many local sporting, scouting and church organisations. Gus Wagenknecht and his son Roger were tragically killed in a road accident on 21st July 1974 "A V Angove", Town Clerk.


Letter From

Joan Saumatua-Wagenknecht-Aslin

Reedy Creek Drive,

Burleigh Waters QLD 4220


Angy with his bride Joan

Angy (seen here on his wedding day with his bride Joan) built their Loxton home using the Kondecker mould system. Would do a run each night after work. Boarded with Roy and Mrs. Bain while he was building the house. Lived there for about a year and after Roger was born we moved to Adelaide. Angy built a flat behind their home for his mother and young sister Joan (Known as Honey). Angy and "Sailor" Aslin worked for the Department of Agriculture. Daughters Christine and Rosalie followed Roger. He and Angy were killed in a collision with another vehicle. Roger was 15 years old. Joan remarried Viliame "Bill" Suamatua, a Fijian, who has since passed away. Joan visits Bill's children in Fiji each year and has a great time working in a Children's Home over there.

Gave me Irene's address and also Norma's address.

Spoke with Irene's daughter and Irene rang today and gave me Flora's phone number; Flora and Bill Buck. Rang Norma last night to say I had sent her a letter. Rang Flora 26/10 and she was off to see her Doctor. I will ring her back. Angus senior died of bowel cancer aged 54.
Father Angus and son Angy used to ride their bicycles to work and Angy would always call into the Glossop Store for a lunchtime treat.

The Gus Wagenknecht Park adjacent to the Currumbin State School was named in honour of Angy who was Groundsman at the School.

Eeanne Hatch in 1946 Estelle Law (Nielsen) in 1946

Letter from Estelle Law on 15th April 2002

I commenced in January 1946 and my general duties in the office, included filing all of the correspondence, typing out wine orders for the cash sales, which were then filled at the Freestore by Murray Parkes at the rear of the Winery. I had to attend to the petrol bowser which was had operated, deliver various work instructions, which were typed out by Evelyn Cogan (nee Turnbull), to Noel Burge in the Laboratory, Jack Mutton in the winery and Ray Harrip at the Distillery. Out of vintage time office juniors would have to operate the weighbridge for Mr. Neideck with a load of mallee stumps for the boilers and other people of the district.

When Doris Semmens left to work in Adelaide I was given the task of typing out the "Wine Entries" (5 plus copies) which listed the weight of each barrel and dispatch details of consignment of wine per rail etc. Those "Entries" were checked, then taken to the Excise officer Ray Cook, accompanied by a cheque for the Excise Duty on the wine to be dispatched. Sometime after Eeanne Hatch left to work in Adelaide, I was sent Business College in Adelaide for a fortnight to learn to use the Comptometer in order to take over the grape ledgers under the guidance of Cecil. Lever.

I married John MacKenzie Law on the 7th January 1950 and stayed working until later that year. Contrary to our plans I became pregnant and because I suffered from 'Morning Sickness", or more like all day sickness, I advised management that I would have to leave. The Manager, Mr. Lyle Nairn tried to persuade me to stay working and offered to build a nursery for me to take the baby to work, which was unheard of in those days, but I declined. My father Rudolph Nielsen, who was a soldier settler at Monash and a carpenter by trade, helped build the winery while our young vines were growing at Block 616, Monash. Nielsen Road at Monash is named after our Father.

Estelle enclosed 2 photos which I have scanned.

One shot was Estelle standing on the Karoom Platform dressed to the "Nines" in a "Maroon Button Through Dress with a White Blouse" and the other of a shot from the railway yard looking towards the office and tower.

Judith Mallen (Keats) in 1946

Norm Gerlach in 1946 - Was Cellar hand 1946 to 1950. Then purchased a block, had health problems and returned as truck driver in 1968 and retired in 1981. Australia Worker's Union representative in 1949.


Charlie Schaeffer in 1947

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