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1922 Vintage Crush


February 3rd 1922

On January 30th 1922 the draft constitution was passed by the Provisional Committee and submitted to the Government, who then asked for further information as to likely capital costs.


February 10th 1922

Monash and Lone Gum vines are coming into production and the distillery will be handling quantities of Doradillo's and Gordo's.


February 24th 1922

At the Glossop Post office Mr. L. J. Mander went to collect his post. His horse decided to go home and was seen arriving by Mr. L.C. Tucker and a search was started for Mr. Mander. The horse with cart safely negotiated many narrow channel bridges on the way home. Eventually Mr. Mander was found safely at home.


Berri, March 13th 1922

The extension of the Berri Irrigation Area, as a result of soldier settlement, coupled with the fact that a number of the planted blocks are this year coming into bearing for the first time, has necessitated extension of the storage and plant of the Berri Distillery, which at present is quite inadequate to deal with the increased quantity of grapes that will soon be coming in for distilling purposes. The necessity for an increase of storage provision has long been fore-seen, but the current increased outputs from the blocks has made the question an urgent one. When the alterations now in hand have been completed the growers of Berri will be in possession of a first class distillery with a production plant and storage ample for all probable demands of the district.
The work of extension, which is chiefly of reinforced concrete, has been let by contract to Mr. W. Pascoe, of Berri, under the supervision of the building inspector of the Irrigation Department. Mr. Pascoe is an expert in this form on construction. His connection with the Trussed Concrete Steel Co. Ltd., in England and America, one of the largest firms in this line of work in the world, enabled him to gain an experience of its practical adaptability for all types of building construction.
To a visitor to the distillery, it is obvious that the job has only reached the early stages. Near the present building extensive excavations have been made for the sites of bond store, storage and fermenting tanks.
The work in hand consists of a new spirit and bond store, covering an area of 70 feet x 45 feet. This building is to have walls 24 feet high, with large gabled roof, and is to have two floors. On the lower floor twenty or more spirit tanks will be placed on small stillage walls built for that purpose. The upper floor, which is supported from the wall piers on eight concrete columns is to be of Jarrah timbers on 18 inch by 6 inch bearers, and 9 inch by 3 inch posts.
There is also to be a loading platform built out on to the roadway between the bond store and the distillery. The other additions consist of new landing bins for the grape mills, 24 fermenting tanks, eighteen large storage tanks with semi-circular roof of concrete, four underground tanks with concrete roof and five large leaching tanks. Practically the whole of the tanks, with the exception of those devoted to storage purposes, will be covered with a large overhanging galvanised roof. A large number of men are employed under Mr. N. Dyer, the foreman.
Mr. Otto von Dippe has resigned his position of manager of the distillery, as he finds his work in connection with the Rivoli Theatre, of which he is joint lessee with Mr. O. E. Kunoth, occupies the greater portion of his time. The new manager is Mr. J. Rump, who was for 24 years with B. Seppelt & Sons Ltd, and has had a wide experience in the business.
Mr. Max Ranger delivered the first load of grapes to the distillery for this season on Wednesday, March 8th. The load consisted of about a ton and a half of Pedro's, which gave a fair average test. It is stated that this season is expected to be more favourable than last for distillery grapes, the percentage of sugar being delivered being believed to be generally higher.

March 17th 1922


Wilhelm August Rump, known as "Bill" Rump throughout his time in the Wine Industry. Mr. Rump had worked for B. Seppelt and Sons Ltd at the Seppeltsfield & Dorrien Cellars for some 14 years.

The background buildings are the Cellar and Still House with a boiler stack behind which may have serviced the Small Cornish Boiler. On the right hand or southern side of the Still House, there appears to be an addition which could be the Excise Office which is mentioned in the Budget in 1923. The foundations and reinforcing rods indicate four sets of tanks with a walkway at this end. To the right there are further foundations and this would have been for the present Sugarloaf Wine chargers 1-5. On this side of the walkway the series of tanks were continued west where the mounds of river sand are shown in the foreground. This Cellar still exists today.

July 28th 1922

Meeting called for share subscriptions.
R. James, Acting Secretary.

Bottom Stack Section for the Small Cornish Boiler.

Top section being lifted and I believe Morris Wilfred Heuzenroeder was in charge and can be seen ready to bolt the top section onto the base column..

The site for this building was on the south side of the roadway which ran east-west on the southern side of the Still House and the Sugarloaf Wine chargers. The upper floor level was approximately 4 foot 6 inches above the road level and a timber loading platform was built from the floor to some 10 foot wide to allow barrels for dispatch to be rolled out onto the tray of a truck. In 1951 this platform was covered by a custom orb galvanised sheet roof. east of this platform was the first Excise office which was fitted out with a high sloping desk to cater for the large register books, with cupboards below in which to store the books in an upright position. There were facilities for various apparatus to test the wines and spirits along with a water service and sink plus a desk for the Excise officer in charge.

July 28th 1922

A meeting was called for share subscription for the Berri Cooperative Distillery Ltd.

R. James, Acting Secretary.


November 14th 1922

Eric W. Paynter was appointed Secretary after having 6 months clerical experience at the Berri Cooperative Packing Union Ltd.. Plays violin, football and a keen rower.

An account was opened with the National Bank of Australasia at Vaughan Terrace, Berri, the branch having been established in 1918.


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