My Days of Wine

1963 Vintage Crush 17,528 tons

Allocation was 6,380 tons to Wine and 11,148 tons to Spirit. Ratio 36.4%

Average Baume 12.7°


Minutes 7th May 1963

Large Cornish Boiler for Metal Test.


Minutes 29th May 1963

Pumping Plant survey requested by Peter Lewis, Chief Engineer of the Engineering & Water Supply Department.


1964 Vintage Crush 18,207 tons

Allocation was 5,822 tons to Wine and 12,385 tons to Spirit. Ratio 31.98%

Average Baume 13.4°

After the 1964 vintage Doug. Collett suggested I write to the East-Side Winery at Lodi in California, with a view to visiting and working at their plant for the 1964 vintage. He wished me to look at the grape handling and distillation practices. I duly wrote a letter and received an offer to visit and be employed for the vintage. Joe Brown had counseled me saying I should have asked the Board for permission. I replied that I believed that DHC had gained permission for me to proceed.

Lyle Nairn retired and the Board decided to institute a managership consisting of Joe Brown, the Chairman, Cec Lever as Commercial Manager and Doug. Collett as Technical Manager.

Minutes 29th July 1964

JHB, CHL, DHC to jointly manage BCWD.


Minutes 29th July 1964

my trip to California approved.


Minutes 12th August 1964

Bob Schell resigned and DHC organised a job at White Engineering Pty Ltd, see Bob's notes.


Minutes 21st October 1964

100 new French Oak hogsheads, 100 2nd Hand Oak Hogsheads approved for purchase.

Visit to California to review their process there and to investigate grape handling and distillation practices.


Minutes 22nd December 1964

Presented my report to the Board Meeting and received their congratulations.

California Visit Technical Report

New Sales outlet built on Lawn area


1965 Vintage Crush 21,339 tons

Allocation was 7,225 tons to Wine and 14,114 tons to Spirit. Ratio 33.86%

Average Baume 12.4°


Minutes 11th February 1965

Approval to purchase 205 Oak Hogsheads and 50 Oak Puncheons.


Minutes 5th May 1965

Heads refermentation started.


Minutes 2nd June 1965

I. J McKenzie's salary to £25 per week.

I was given the task to plan for a new continuous still.

Minutes 23rd June 1965
Additional £1-0-0 per week to Messrs Solly, Crook and Wronkowski whilst on new tank construction.
Review of New Boiler and Continuous Still.


Minutes 11th August 1965

Position New Still on Old Continuous Still site.


Minutes 22nd September 1965

Approved the following: -
New Still £19800
200 HP Cleaverbrook Boiler £6865-10-00


Minutes 16th October 1965

Falland Steel Work £2960


Minutes 8th December 1965

Boiler installation and connection of pipe work to Cornish and 150 HP Boilers £2859.


1966 Vintage Crush 19,657 tonnes

Allocation was 9,824 tons to Wine and 9,833 tons to Spirit. Ratio 49.98%

Average Baume 13.06°

Insert Budget with crush figures. This was the first time I was given a copy of the budget!!!!


Minutes January 1966

Roofing for Block 6 Tank Area Extension approved for £5500. This was to cover in the area occupied by the underground 10,000 gallon tanks, south of No.4 Cellar and west of the Barrel Shed.


Minutes 20th April 1966

Tom Colbert to Pinnacle Engineering, Sydney for 3 months to learn Stainless steel fabrication skills. By this time we were replacing hose fittings with stainless tube and retaining the brass female nut, together with as extending cellar polythene lines and installation of stainless steel valves in many of the concrete tanks. We were also replacing copper piping in the Bond Store and Stillhouse. Tom was keen to learn, so off he went.

Cleaverbrook 200 HP boiler installed. This was to cater for the new continuous still and provide some relief the 150 HP Cleaverbrook boiler which was somewhat prone to electrical problems

New stainless steel still installed and produced the first product on September 11th.


Minutes 31st August 1966

Gray & Donaldson Roller Crusher and Must Pump £3287


Minutes 26th October 1966

Bottling cellar relocation from original Free Store to Barrel Shed/Warehouse at rear of Block 4 and 5 approved.


Minutes 4th November 1966

Salary adjustment for CHL $7,540, DHC $7,000, IJM $200 increase per annum


Minutes 8th December 1966

CHL appointed General Manager
DHC and IJM both resigned
IJM to Lubiano Wines at Moorook.

Cec Lever appointed General Manager in December and Doug. Collett resigned.

Ian McKenzie resigned on the same day within a few minutes of Doug. Collett in December 1966 to join Lubiano Wines at Moorook. They met at the Laboratory door!!!

Bottling facility moved to the rear Barrel Shed/Warehouse from the original Freestore area at the rear of the main cellar filling floor. We were using DEPC in the old room and that is where Lorna Guppy suffered eye damage due to the volatile and unstable condition of the compound.

Blair Still Stripping column replaced due to extensive corrosion of bubble caps. Replaced with a 3 foot diameter 316 grade stainless steel column with perforated plates at 18 inch spacing. Construction was all welded without flanges for economy.

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