My Days of Wine

1931 Vintage Crush 15,548 Tons

Friday January 1931

Bill Rump reported that the depression in Britain was similar to here but they were hoping that trade would pick up in the middle of this year. South African wines were selling in Great Britain at 6d a gallon below the price of our wines. There was no market for our wine on the European continent with France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.


Friday February 27th 1931

Karl Weidenhofer, Manager of the Renmark Growers' Distillery and Mr. H. E. Laffer, overseas representative of the Overseas Marketing Board made speeches about winemaking and overseas criticism of Australian wines.


Friday October 16th 1931

The Berri Growers' Cooperative Distillery decided to enter a number of wines in this years Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia Wine Show held in Adelaide and their four entries were awarded two seconds and a highly recommended. The other entry in the full bodied fruity, ruby or dark class was disqualified for exceeding the Baume level.


By 30th November 1931 the 27 20,000 gallon concrete tanks known as Block 7 were completed.

With the completion of Block 5 the next logical step was to roof over the Block 4 Tanks and create the Main Cellar as it is today. This meant that the manager's residence had to be moved. The Board decided to purchase Block 253 so the building could be dismantled and rebuilt rather than scrapped. This land was then used for construction of houses for employees as and when needed.

The Battam's Road house, which was built for the General Manager Bill Rump and his family in 1924 on Block 445, and eventually had the Block 4 20,000 gallon tanks built on the east and west side of the residence. I am unsure as to when the house was dismantled brick by brick rebuilt in in its present location. The information was provided by Noel Burge.

Irrigation Perpetual Lease No. 1393 of 19 acres and known as Block 253, Berri Irrigation Area, County of Hamley was transferred on 23rd December 1931 to Berri Growers' Cooperative Distillery Company Ltd


Berri-Renmano on 19th October 1990


BRLHardy on 17th September 1992

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