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1925 Vintage Crush 9,095 Tons


I believe this photo was taken during the 1925 vintage and from left of the photo there are the Block 1 roadside tanks, 101-112, and 120-150 series of Block 1 tanks can be seen at extreme left. Behind the roadside tanks is. No.1 Ferment Cellar, two boiler stacks and Still House, the Main Office, the new 50,000 gallon Water tower, the original Water tower and the 40 tanks, each of 5,300 gallon capacity that was known a Block 3. I have no idea what the two white buildings were on the north side of the highway.

The new water tower had been finished and pictured is the Main Office with the pine tree behind. Loads of grapes in a range of conveyances were waiting to be crushed. The shot would have been taken from the top of the tower.


1925 vintage with Crushers 1 and 2 on the left and Crushers 3 and 4 at top right and Crushers 5 and 6 to the right of the photo. At top left there is possibly the start of the lean-to section at the northern end of Block 3 or it may be the cellar foreman's office. The latter more likely if you refer the photo taken above across the highway.


1925 vintage with Crushers 1 and 2 in view. The foremans office is the small building in centre.


This shot was probably taken from the access ladder from level 2 to the top of the tower. On the right is the main office in the background and centre right is the south west corner of No. 1 Cellar probably sometime in 1925 and with a couple of white coats from the staff, it looks like an official visit of some sort. Coats and hats suggests it is winter time.

Budget figures were £1,600 for the Excise Officer's residence at the west end of Block 445 and £3,500 for the completion of the Block 3 Cellar infrastructure and £12,220 for the 66 5,300 gallon tanks.

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