My Days of Wine

1935 Vintage Crush 6,154 tons.

No Doradillo's accepted.

Doradillo intake was curtailed and these two vintages each processed just over 6,000 tons. Growers were encouraged to either graft the Doradillo vines or replant with another variety. There was also a change in the production pattern with a much larger proportion of the crop being made into wine.

Berri made a formal request to Tarac for them to establish a processing plant adjacent to the winery to extract alcohol from the pressed marc. At that time Tarac did not wish to undertake the proposal.

Progress and trade development, both Australian and Overseas, has been satisfactory and for the first time in the history of the Company it was decided to pay within twelve months of vintage, Government scheduled prices for certain varieties of grapes. Trade conditions generally are improving, your Company is obtaining its fair share of the resultant benefits and we look forward to the future with confidence.

The Distillery, Berri, S.A.


1936 Vintage Crush 9,586 tons

The offer to Tarac was still open.

July-Dec 1936

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September frost


Thursday 24th recorded 26 degrees F and Friday 24.9 degrees F.

The severe frost affected the Monash and Glossop growers with some losses up to 50% loss. This was on a par with 1927 but not to same extent.

I have a note to check with Reiner's Studio!.

Payments of Wine Bounty 1935-36


October 15th 1936

Wine Show awards p333

Page 536 Oct 22 1935-36 Bounty payments

BCWD payments £29,200-16-5, p536 Oct 22nd 1936

Slight frost damage on on Wed Nov 2nd; previous latest Nov 2d 1932.


Thurs Nov 19th 1936, p433,

Irrigation figures reported by A. E. Wiltshire

2.5 million gallons per hour to irrigate 7,500 acres in the Berri, Monash, Glossop, Winkie and Toorak areas


Dec 3 1936

Council had borrowed £21,000 to install alternating current to service power and light facilities.

Thurs Dec 3rd - Final day of the Berri Week and Distillery Float in yellow and black with 1000 gallon casks

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